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May Chang Essential Oil, organic, 5 ml.


Source:  China

Litsea Cibeba
Fruiting May Chang

Litsea Cubeba belongs to the laurel family.  The essential oil is distilled from the dried fruit of a small tree that produces a pepper-like fruit. It grows mainly in Taiwan and South China but can also be found in parts of Indonesia and Vietnam. In traditional Chinese medicine, all parts of the tree were used, but May Chang found its way into the aromatherapy world as a source of citral, used mainly in the fragrance industry.

However, it has a reputation for stopping the growth of cancer so as the plant becomes better known outside China, more and more studies are being conducted. The fragrance is lemony and uplifting, but heavier than lemon and a bit more fruity.

When diffused in water, use 2-4 drops.  The oil acts mainly on the prefrontal cortex and hence is sometimes used to improve discernment and/or aid decision making.  It is associated with the optimism of spring and, in medical aromatherapy, is used to overcome negative thinking and pessimism.

May Chang is not toxic and is used as a flavoring in the beverage industry.  When used topically as a lotion or massage oil, May Chang is not irritating, but some people may be sensitive to it so do not use on damaged skin.  Also, it is not recommended for long-term use.

The oil is germicical and deodorizing. The oil can be used to clean surfaces in the kitchen, like the cutting board or other areas that need to be as clean as possible.  It can be used alone or in combination with other oils and carriers to clean door knobs, faucets, and other surfaces that are often touched with the hands.  Try using this oil with Douglas Fir, Pine, or Laurel Leaf for disinfecting.

For improving digestion, this oil can be used in very small doses in combination with Fennel or Sweet Basil.  Do not use it on a regular basis but only when needed such as when overeating or consuming something that is hard to digest. The amount taken should not exceed one or two drops diluted in a carrier oil or warm water.  If using internally, sip slowly.


Contents:  Steam distilled certified organic dried fruit of Litsea cubeba.


Disinfect Cutting Board

May Chang

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 1 in

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