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We specialize in oils that have therapeutic benefits and do our utmost to source only the purest and safest oils available. Because the interest in oils is expanding, we are always adding new products. For example, we began adding CO2 extracts of herbs that are not technically essential oils, but they are often used in making personal care products and herbal extracts.

When Ecocert products were introduced, we leaped at the opportunity to provide products with a very high level of certification. Recently, we began adding carrier oils and exotic Ayurvedic oils that are not steam distilled but rather usually cold pressed from herbs that are well known in Ayurvedic medicine. These include Amla, Brahmi, and Neem. As more of these oils become available, we will, of course offer them to our loyal customers.

However, the unique expertise of Bioethika Oils is in mold remediation and we have spent over 20 years testing diffusers and formulations to deliver the highest possible inhibition, meaning to prevent mold spores from becoming vegetative. Within a few days, we will be introducing a new line of extremely high quality diffusers. Your suggestions are always welcome and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your quest for wellness.

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