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Yuzu Essential Oil, 5 ml.


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Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is grown mainly in Shikoko, Japan, the southernmost island the Japanese archipelago.  It is believed to reached Korea and Japan from China where it is considered to be an ancient hybrid of a mandarin orange and ichang papeda, a very hardy citrus fruit from Hubei that has a thick, but fragrant rind.  Yuzu has an incredible aroma, delightful and elegant.  The fruit can, of course, be eaten, but it the peels that are cold pressed to make essential oil.

The oil is regarded as a stress reducer when diffused (and inhaled) for half an hour.  It particularly addresses the worry and anxiety components of stress (as opposed to fatigue).  The aroma is, of course, similar to other citrus fruits, a bit closer perhaps to lime than to grapefruit, but it more subtle while still being refreshing.

It promotes better respiration and relaxation and can be diffused, used in massage oils and skin cremes, and added to food and beverages.  Try a couple of drops in a smoothie or glass of beer, substitute it for lemon or lime to make tarts or a savory dip.  You can also use it to make a sherbet or coconut cream dessert.

Yuzu is expensive so you can blend it with other citrus oils or heavier oils such as those made from resins like frankincense and myrrh.

Yuzu Sorbet

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