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Saw Palmetto, CO2 Extract, 5 ml.


Origin:  USA

Saw Palmetto is produced from the berries of a small palm in Florida.  It is famous as male tonic for the urinary system.

Since CO2 extractions are potent, a few drops can be added to smoothies or nut milk, or to an edible oil and then encapsulated.  It can also be added to oil and gently massaged into the skin.  Saw Palmetto is rich in high quality oils that add luster when applied to the skin and hair.

It can be taken by women to reduce androgenic conditions as well as by men seeking to balance their hormones and manage challenges such as male pattern baldness and problems associated with the prostate.


Contains: CO2 extract of Sarenoa serrulata berries.  This plant is also known as Sabal serrulata and Serenoa repens.

Saw Palmetto