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Rosehip CO2 Extract, 5 ml.


Origin:  Europe, usually Bulgaria

The CO2 or supercritical extraction uses the whole fruit, not just the seeds.  The result is a “super” concentrated extract that is roughly fifty time more potent than the oil, an oil that is often used as a carrier in cosmetic products.  So, this extract is both more powerful than glycerite or tincture as well as the seed oil.  It is also more fruity than oily and can be added to food products as an antioxidant or added to a skin or hair care product.  It is high in vitamins A and E, but not C as with the fresh fruit.  It also contains essential fatty acids.  The most common use is in skin care products.  It can be diluted with Jojoba Oil and used for massage or skin treatment for wrinkles, stretch marks, and discoloration of the skin.  We have been using rosehips for decades to reduce the craving for alcohol so this particular extract can be considered as a flavoring in desserts such as cheesecake or sherbets.  It can also be added to fillings for crepes suzettes.  It can be diffused, but that is not actually the main use.  If an ultrasonic diffuser is used, it will probably nebulize, but it would still be best to dilute the rosehip extract with other essential oils such as Blood Orange or Rosemary.

Contains:  CO2 extract of Rosa canina.

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in

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