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Davana Essential Oil, 5 ml.


Origin: India

Davana oil has a long religious history in India, but it has numerous therapeutic benefits that have been extensively researched. Modern studies suggest that the ritualistic use of davana has a sound scientific basis as a disinfectant that is particularly beneficial where large numbers of people are gathered. The oil causes the coating of viruses to rupture so that infections do not spread. Another use of davana is more psychological and spiritual. Davana is not just relaxing, but it helps people to find composure after trauma and/or shock. It also promotes wound healing and has mild antiparasitic properties. The oil is fragrant, non-toxic but sometimes irritating, and it blends well with citrus oils.

Davana grows mainly in gardens in South India.  It is distilled and can be diffused or blended with a carrier oil for external use.  When used topically, be very careful to avoid contact with the eyes or open wounds as, though nontoxic, it can be irritating.

For diffusing, consider adding citrus oils.  Davana has yellow to orange flowers and thus has profound religious significance for many people.  However, it has some aphrodisiac-like characteristics and probably should not be used by pregnant or nursing women.


Contents: Steam distilled Artemisia pallens flowers and stems.

Weight 4 oz
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